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Purchased a device and wondering what to do next? As a first step read our “How to List Your Vehicle and Get your First Rental” Guide for next steps for renting your vehicle with Fetch.

How to List your Vehicle and Get your First Rental

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Getting Started

How to List your Vehicle and Get your First Rental

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Quick Start Installation Video

Adding a Calendar Block

Fulfilling Reservations & Cancellation Policy

Customize Your Vehicle(s)

Adding a Contact Phone Number

Fetch Protection Package

Summary of Protection Plan and Fees

Filing a Claim

What do I do if I notice damage is caused by a renter?

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The Fetch Pro Package

I got a reservation … now what?

Vehicle Maintenance Requirements

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Why is Fetch a good side hustle?

How much will my vehicle earn?

Where should I park my vehicle to maximize transactions?

How long does it take before I get my first rental?

Does the Pro Device Package prevent me from starting my vehicle?

Can I use the vehicle for my personal use?

How do I add another vehicle to the Fetch dashboard?

Can I cancel an upcoming reservation on my vehicle?